Wednesday, 17 April 2013

And so it begins

Having ruminated on starting a blog for some time and changed my mind several times over about it I've decided to take the plunge! This blog will mainly be about my life with Boy and the things we do and make together.

I'm fairly new to the world of crafts and feel very new to the world of parenting though he keeps getting older when I'm not looking. So this blog will hopefully chronicle our steep learning curves in exploring the world creatively and finding new knowledge in as many places we can along the way. I will probably do some making stuff for me and the home too and will certainly ramble on about all manner of things given half the chance. We also do a lot of playing with our foods so there will be food posts!

As for my life outside of parenting I am doing a degree from home in international development,  and have an interest in the political and sociological spheres. I have a penchant for geek crafts, creativity on a budget and an addiction to Pinterest that keeps me up at night (Pinners welcome on this Blog!). The Pinterest addiction comes from a love of themes, give me a theme and I am a happy woman as you will see, I love to try and pull projects together around a focal point and storyboards fill my reveries in a way that makes me sound a bit odd! I'm an avid reader, going through a long sci fi phase at the moment but a fan of all well written fiction, and took up and fell deeply in love with cookery a few years ago.

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